Find That Hash!



What is a hash?

A hash is a string of 64 characters containing numbers from 0 to 9 and letters from A to F. An example of a random hash is ca72719f83302fd9c6086f1ba777320561835cfd59d69ebc1a2f47c84de6788b. There are 2^256 possible combinations of letters and digits.

Task Description

In January of 2018 a list of 9,000,000 hashes was generated. This list is static and doesn’t change. It already exists.

On Sunday, 14 October 2018, at 20:42:38 GMT, hashes were started to be revealed publicly, in descending order, beginning from hash number 9,000,000 all the way up to hash number 1 (from end to start).

Hash number 9,000,000 was bb513c7aba7f44421dfca195668ea634451ec7a5f6bd08763366d300a2adae95.

A new hash is revealed approximately every 25 seconds. Right now all hashes from 9,000,000 up to 7,672,710 are known.

We update the list of known hashes once every few days (50 MB zipped file), feel free to download it and have a look.

The goal of this task is to find hash number 1 from that list, before it gets revealed publicly. For this moment (at least until January 2020) any other hash between 1 and 6,000,000 that matches the list will also be accepted as the correct solution.

This is a real website. This is a real competition and the prize of 150,000 USD for the right answer is also very real. Nothing here is fake.

How was the hash list generated?

If you need some technical details, this is for you. Each succeeding hash is a result of sha256 function being applied to the preceding hash. An example using PHP code:

$hash1 = “b23114a69f5299490d7c81cc0d6f6f9eb86273378979ec49ef27531d2146b38a”;

$hash2 = hash("sha256", $hash1);

In our example $hash2 will be d1b5340001faa1bdf0fe8fb5ec9103efd383efa128f7edc0292438e000886138.

Moving forward:

$hash3 = hash("sha256", $hash2);

So $hash3 will equal to f38e9e8f638b9035b85fe9a83b37a62f811712401ef7fda7b6b104075d6bb9eb, and so on.



1. Is this illegal or suspicious in any way?

No. The matching hash won't be used for any illegal purposes, it won't be used to steal anything, break anything, hack into anything or similar. However, it will be used to generate income, and you will be rewarded with a hefty amount for your work.

2. Who is paying out the reward?

Omnicode LTD, a UK registered business. You will be paid via bank transfer or in cash, other payment methods are also available. You can remain anonymous.

3. Why is this website so simple?

There's no need for fancy graphics. We are not trying to lure you visually. All information is presented in an easy to digest manner.

4. Is there an online version of SHA256 function?

Yes, check this online tool.

5. I think i found the right, matching hash. How can i verify if it's correct?

Download our PHP script, replace the starting hash with your hash and run the script. It will take a minute or two, it has to go through 9 million rows.

6. I have some questions, how can i contact you?

Send an email to and we'll answer as soon as possible. Use this address for submitting your solution as well.